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Digital and Technology Solutions provides University visitors with resources, equipment and support to help them while they are visiting Curtin. If you are visiting for a short time you can still gain access to some of the resources we offer. Such as access to the Curtin wireless network. Information on how to connect to the Curtin wireless network can be found below:

To gain access to our full resources you will need to become a University Associate or a staff member. To do so, please contact the area you are visiting for further information.

Guest Wi-Fi Accounts

Curtin has guest Wi-Fi accounts for visitors who are not able to connect to the eduroam network. These guest accounts allow a visitor to connect to the CurtinGuest wireless network and access the Internet. There is no email facility attached to the account, but you may access a third party web-based email provider.

There are two kinds of guest accounts; Individual and Conference.


If you are attending a conference at Curtin University, the conference organiser will have a generic username and password provided to them that will allow multiple visitors to connect to the CurtinGuest wireless network. Typically these details will be provided to everyone attending the conference at the beginning of the conference.


Individual guest accounts can also be created for visitors to Curtin that don’t have access to the eduroam network. Individual accounts require a sponsor (a currently employed Curtin University staff member). Typically the sponsor will contact the Service Desk and request an individual guest wireless account for the period of time it is required.

If you require a guest account, please speak to the Curtin staff member you are visiting and ask them to contact the Service Desk on your behalf.

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Eduroam    Eduroam Logo

Curtin is a member of the eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) community. Being part of eduroam allows staff and students to access the wireless network of participating institutions using the same identification credentials the users would use if they were at their home institution.

Connecting to Eduroam

Users will need to select the eduroam wireless option on their device at the participating site. At Curtin University campuses the Eduroam network will appear automatically in the list of available wireless networks on your device.

 multiple device's wireless settings

Access to network facilities is managed by authenticating the user's login credentials at their home institution. This is achieved by including the home institution identifier as an extension of the normal username. For example, identifies user 123456A with a username and password that needs to be authenticated by Curtin directory services.

While initial IT support for eduroam is to be provided by the user's home institution, visitors to Curtin University are welcome to contact the service desk for assistance in connecting to the Eduroam network.

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