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Accounts and Passwords


All staff and students at Curtin are given an ID when they start studying or working at Curtin. This ID forms the first part of your account at Curtin. The second part of the account is the password.
You ID and password are used to access multiple systems at Curtin including OASIS (Student Portal), staff portal, online email, and many more.

Activating an account.

To activate your account for the first time navigate to your relevant portal:

Click on the ‘Activate your account’ link underneath the log in box on either portal, and follow the on-screen instructions.
For help activating your account contact or the Abacus Computer Labs for students, and the Service Desk for staff.

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, navigate to the student or staff portal and click on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link underneath the login box on either portal and follow the on-screen instructions.
Part of the resetting of your password will rely on you answering your secret question you setup when you activated your account.

Click here for detailed instructions on how to perform a password reset.

Information for staff

When you become current on Alesco, a network account will automatically be created for you.
If you are unsure as to whether you are recorded in Alesco, or unsure as to whether you have an account, contact your line manager to confirm.
Note: If you are a new staff member and your details are in Alesco, but you are not yet current (ie you do not start your contract until later), you will be able to activate your Staff Portal account, but not log in to a Curtin Workstation until you are current.

Information for students

Who has access to OASIS?

Once you are offered a place in a course that leads to, or is capable of leading to, an award at Curtin, you will automatically have access to OASIS and its core services. Once you enrol you will receive access to additional services, including access to the Curtin wireless network, the Library and Blackboard.
If you take an approved leave of absence, you will continue to have access to OASIS over your period of leave.
For more information on who has access to OASIS view the OASIS help pages.

How do I access OASIS?

You can follow the OASIS link via the Curtin homepage or via the web address
If your offer is about to lapse, you are terminated from your course, withdraw or defer, you will lose your access to OASIS after 45 days. Within 30 days of your access dropping off, you will see an alert advising that you will soon lose your access.

Where do I get help with OASIS?

All enquiries regarding OASIS should be directed to OASIS Central or the Abacus Computer Labs.

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